SUPERSAM Reviews | Alien (1979)

What better way to celebrate Alien Day by watching the original 1979 film! Oh and I forgot to mention, it was my first time watching it.

We all have gaps in our movie history, movies we should have seen but for some reason we havent’t. One movie that I hadn’t watched was Alien, which is weird. I always felt like I kinda had seen Alien, I’d seen a scene here and there and knew the general gist of the plot. Today, driven by the urge to immerse myself in some deep space sci-fi, I finally bunkered down and decided to watch Alien from start to finish.


These days when you watch an old movie you generally don’t expect much, the premise of the movie might be good and it might be great for its time, but seldom it still holds up if you don’t watch through nostalgic glasses.

I was amazed by Alien! The sets, props and cinematography is awesome, and this is 1979! Sure it isn’t CGI fresh like modern movies but it has aged really well, almost more than Aliens. The practical effects has held up incredibly well. The computer UI’s all have that 80’s feeling but it’s so minimalistic and industrial that it adds to the atmosphere.


The sound fx and score is perfect, The Geiger art is in a league of its own, in all a movie that still surprisingly to me, stands the test of time. The characters are fantastic especially Ellen Ripley. Now, I see why she’s considered the greatest heroine in cinema.

Anyways, if you for some reason like me haven’t gotten around to watching Alien then put it on your top of your list, you won’t regret it.




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