Movie Review: Saban’s Power Rangers (2017)

I can’t describe the level of hype I had coming into this movie. I grew up with the tv shows, cheesiness and all. I had the toys, the shirts, the PJs, and much more. If I could describe my childhood with two words, I would use “POWER RANGERS”. Five teenagers with attitude are inexplicably brought together by destiny to become the newest generation in a line of warriors known as the Power Rangers. The world rests in their hands as Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), a powerful witch and former Green Ranger, launches an assault seeking the Zeo Crystal with an army of stone golems called Putties and a giant golden monster called Goldar. Directed by Dean Israelite, Power Rangers stars Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Ludi Lin, Bill Hader, Bryan Cranston, and Elizabeth Banks. *MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD*


I was literally already crying the moment I saw the Saban logo. This movie was tailored for me. Okay, so I didn’t expect much. It looked like it might be a fun little film but nothing great. As someone who has loved Power Rangers since I was a kid, most seasons aren’t that good from my perspective now. I’m just going to never watch Time Force or Lost Galaxy again and pretend that they’re as amazing and awesome as I remember them being. Going into this, I was worried it would be outright terrible, but I loved it. I liked the opening scene with Zordon and Rita that shed some light on the power rangers that the show never really did. The decisions they made were initially concerning but worked out. They saved the Ranger fighting for the end. Kind of a bummer, but they took that time to actually build the characters, give them a relationship, and properly write them as a group.


Each character had a consistently written personality that made them enjoyable and their interactions were great. RJ Cyler really stood out for me as Billy. My only real complaint would be the uneven screen time for Zach and Trini, but I suppose that’s a product of the plot since they were introduced later than the others. The humor was pretty good too. Only a few jokes I didn’t really like. I was honestly surprised that I liked Alpha. His design was decent, but his writing was great. I love how they implemented Zordon as a character and how they truly brought the group together. Brian Tyler does a fantastic job of recreating the sounds of this awesome series especially the theme.


Once the team morphed, it was such an incredible feeling. The fight scenes were awesome. The editing on the music was spot on. The rhythms were in sync, from the car crash to the mega fights. Pop music or not, if it is done right, it will feel right.I wasn’t really into the suits when they have revealed months ago, but in action they were great. The colors really came out and the coordination was cool. I loved them fighting in the water there. That was freaking sweet. The zords were awesome. I even liked the Megazord, despite its lack of color. I was bummed that we didn’t get to see a proper morph into the Megazord, but what we got was nice.


Power Rangers was really fun and I couldn’t be more happy with the final product. I really enjoyed the character building and storytelling from the first part, and the last part I was just sitting there with the biggest grin, hyped watching all the Power Rangers action. Power Rangers at its core is Breakfast Club with superpowers. This movie gets that and also gets the teens shouldn’t just magically mesh. In fact, that is the core conflict of the movie, not the rangers vs. Rita but the rangers vs. teamwork. All have their own motivations and goals–even Zordon has stuff to get over himself about. GO GO and watch this film this weekend!



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