Movie Review: Get Out (2017) 

Get Out, the anticipated horror film began showing trailers late last summer. Featuring a killer premise, controversial subject matter, and a stellar cast, the previews caused gasps in movie theaters across the world. Get Out is written and directed by Jordan Peele, of the popular comedy duo show Key & Peele. He takes a big step away from comedy to write and direct his first feature film. The plot follows a young college couple Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams). Rose invites Chris home to meet her parents in a town that’s a far cry from the big city they study in. Chris is black, Rose is white, and her hometown is predominately white. Rose’s parents (Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford) welcome Chris into their home graciously. They are doctors and psychiatrists and seem to be able to do some hypnosis and mind control with the help of some mysterious tea. The small handful of black people in the town work as servants and even wear old, early 20th-century attire. Chris’s roommate warns him over the phone that many black people in the town have gone missing. Chris begins to suspect the town he is staying in is suspicious, and when one black worker tells him to “get out” he knows he’s in trouble. Erika Alexander, Caleb Landry Jones, Lil Rel Howery, Keith Stansfield, Betty Gabriel, and Marcus Henderson co-star.

I saw it back in January and I was blown away. I couldn’t talk about it because I signed an NDA but I saw it again tonight and it was still fantastic. A lot of people might be thinking “Hmm Jordan Peele directing a horror movie? Psh. It won’t work.” Give this movie a chance. Peele right off the bat learns how to balance great comedy and thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat! I found Get Out to be more of a thriller, rather than a horror, albeit there was a few jump scares here and there. I didn’t find it to be “scary”, but it was more unsettling and “on the edge of your seat” than a horror movie would be. If you’re a fan of well-made thrillers, this is for you. It delves into cliche territory at times but bounces right back. Jordan Peele has a great filmography ahead of him! The score was eerie and haunting thanks to Michael Abels. Daniel Kaluuya plays the main protagonist Chris in an incredible manner. From fearing for his life to being emotionally broken by the Armitage family specifically Missy. Speaking of Missy, Catherine Kenner plays one creepy psychiatrist, she is haunting with her mannerisms.

Get Out is sharp, savvy, hilarious, gory (when required), scary, tense, discomforting. The immediate analogues are pitch-black comic commentaries like Dawn of the Dead and The Stepford Wives, with the film so nakedly about the subject matter, but it’s also just classically suspenseful in the way of conspiracy flicks like The Wicker Man and The Invitation, where you know stuff’s gonna go bad, but that only makes you more antsy, more worried, more involved. One of the best times I had in theaters in a long time!



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