The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Have you ever wonder what do your pets do when you aren’t around? Secret Life of Pets tackles that idea but it doesn’t execute to it’s full potential. Secret Life of Pets is the story of Max, a terrier who has been the only dog in Chloe’s life until one day, Chloe adopts Duke, a sloppy, hairy, Newfoundland. His life has turned around, and he is willing to do anything to get rid of Duke. The film stars Louis C.K., Jenny Slate, Kevin Hart, Lake Bell, Ellie Kemper, Albert Brooks, Bobby Moynihan, and Dana Carvey.

I really wanted to love Secret Life of Pets especially being a pet owner but it just doesn’t deliver in all of the aspects it was going for. I did find some of the moments in the first act to be funny but we have seen these moments in the trailers and teasers. I also didn’t really cared about these characters until the third act where I pictured my dog in the situation they go through and felt emotional. Other than that scene, nothing really impacted me. I wasn’t impressed with Kevin Hart’s Snowball, I just felt like the character was over the top and quite annoying, just like how Kevin Hart acts in live action movies. The third act is quite over the place especially with Gidget and the rest of Max’s friends trying to look for him, Snowball’s revenge, Max and Duke trying to find their way home, and Duke’s subplot, it was very unorganized.

Quite frankly, Secret Life of Pets truly could have wowed us all with it’s great premise but it doesn’t deliver at all. It comes off as a pets version of Toy Story without the lovable characters and charm that Toy Story has. SuperSam Rating: C-. 


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