Blair Witch (2016)

Back in 1999, The Blair Witch Project took the world by storm. People were amazed by this found footage horror and it sprung millions of other films that were trying to capture the same essence. 17 years later, we get a surprising sequel that no one saw coming. Directed by Adam Wingard, Blair Witch stars James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Corbin Reid, Wes Robinson, and Valorie Curry. *MILD SPOILERS AHEAD*

The movie starts off with James (James Allen McCune) and Lisa (Callie Hernandez) watching a video on YouTube. The video was found in the Black Hills Woods by a guy James has been speaking to. On the video, a girl can be seen briefly in a mirror and James thinks it could be his sister Heather from the original movie. Lisa is using James and his events of finding his sister as a documentary for a school project. Jame’s best friend Peter (Brandon Scott) and his girlfriend Ashley (Corbin Reid) join him on his adventure to meet the guy who found the video. The four of them meet Lane (Wes Robinson) and Talia (Valorie Curry)  who go under a crappy username “darknet666”. They want to join the four of them to find the house and the group agrees. I feel like this part of the movie was extremely rushed. James and his friends already have the tactical equipment, the camping equipment, the map, etc. I wish they would spend more time on them getting ready.

The group spend the first day hiking through the woods and on the first night, there’s some loud noises and Lane gets lost while using the bathroom, but everyone’s alright. They wake up the next day at 2 pm and everyone is suspicious of how long they slept. There are Blair Witch stick figures everywhere. The group gets freaked out and decides to leave. While hiking back, Lisa asks Lane what kind of video camera he’s using. It’s old and still runs on DV tapes. Someone discovers a spool of twine in Lane’s backpack and accuses him of making the figures. Lane and Talia confess, but say they did it for a reason (why is never really clear). They are accused of planting the DV tape in the woods and tainting the group’s water with sleeping pills. Peter chases Lane and Talia away and tells them to leave.The group walks for hours but ends up back at the camp. They’re freaking out and the GPS isn’t working.

The end of the second act and the rest of the movie is where things start to get frightening for me. I am not into the horror genre, so I get scared really easily. It was a lot of genuine scares but also cheap scares. There was many unintentional laughs and some moments the audience was laughing more than being scared. The ending is pretty bad since it doesn’t really answer any of our questions from the original. But I do think it is worth seeing, it is a good horror movie. It is a modern spin to Blair Witch (fancy gadgets like droids, ear cameras, etc) with the same core that made the original scary as heck. The forest is the most scariest character in the movie. The story is a sequel but the style is in the remake department. Overall, I enjoyed Blair Witch, it was a solid horror movie that pays homage to the original. SuperSam Rating: 7/10. 


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